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Bandhani Sage Kaftan Dress

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Fabric: Handwoven Organic Cotton

Product Code: YS21OGBD05 

The long-lost traditions of Rabari Tribe Artisans where they make bandhani without any tracing, the motifs depict their tattoos. It is the oldest form of tie and dye. The craft uses natural dyes like iron rust, indigo, henna, Haldi, pomegranate peels. The technique involves dyeing a fabric that is tied tightly with a thread at several points, thus producing a variety of patterns and it is then dipped in for a dye bath. The tied area of the fabric is dyed in vibrant colors. 

Following a zero-waste pattern, these kaftans are made in a free size to reduce waste. The dress has front opening buttons, a detailed placket embroidery, and boxy sleeves. Wear it as a dress, style it with a belt and tan kohlapuris to complete the look. 

The variation in weaving and dyeing is a prized characteristic of handcrafted products.

Kaftan dress is free size, the bust size is 60 inches, the model generally wears XS/S
Length: 35 inches