Meet the Artisans behind the Handcrafted goodness!

In the villages of Kutch, tradition is like a seamstress. It runs between the threads of the warp and the weft going up and down, in and out, hither and thither, giving form to a weaver’s imagination. In this, the humble handloom — a complex and laborious system sustains many artisan families who live and breathe their craft. Here are a few people who made your clothes :)

Khemji Bhai: He is practicing this craft from past 20 years. He loves to weave the traditional Kutch weave designs but also likes to challenge himself with the contemporary designs that the new age designers give him. 

Deepak Bhai: He is the youngest one in the lot and quiet fast at weaving designs. He plans to continue doing this craft and maybe one day travel to various exhibitions to showcase his talent.

Babu Bhai: He is the most quiet person out of the four weavers. He believes that tradition never dies it is classic and rules over any other trend.

Ramesh Bhai: He learned this craft from his father, worked with him after school hours when he was a kid. After completing his school he started practicing the craft for a living.

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