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Wrap Sanganeri Print Dress

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Fabric: Cotton Mul

Product Code: YS070

Sanganeri Print originated from Sanganer, a town situated a few mile south-east of Jaipur city. A Sanganeri motif is a combination of beautiful floral designs. It includes a blend of flowers, buds and leaves or other forms like a keri (mango), pan (betel leaf), katar (dagger), or jhumka (ear-ring). The flower motifs are usually stylized sunflowers, narcissuses, roses, and other flowers of luxuriant foliage.

This dress neckline has a hook for closure! The hook is open in the display picture.

This wrap dress block Printed in sanganer on cotton mul fabric is a perfect pick for this summer!

The variation in printing and dyeing is a prized characteristic of handcrafted products.