About the Founder


With a Textile Design Degree from NIFT and an undying love for Indian Textiles and Crafts, Yesha started her journey in October 2018 to create a brand where every product is handcrafted by the Artisans of India.

 She believes in making fashion by Empowering the Deserving. With so many textiles on the verge of dying it's time that we practice and preserve the Textiles of India.  

 Her namesake brand travels to various remote villages in India to work with the craftsmen who are still practicing and preserving the age old textiles. It takes months of hard work and precision to weave and print the fabric with organic and vegetable dyes. The brand's aim is to uplift the Artisan's living condition and make clothes that matter.

 At Yesha Sant, we make sure that every piece of clothing is Handmade using Sustainable and Organic practices to help our environment and fashion go hand in hand.