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Love from our Customers

  • Yesha Sant’s garments are effortlessly stylish and comfortable. The garments beautifully blend contemporary styles with traditional Indian techniques and motifs. They are also mindful of the fashion industry’s impact on the environment and take necessary measures to curb that by employing sustainable practices, a process about which they are completely transparent. I highly recommend this label to anyone looking for one of a kind pieces that are ethically made.

    Zainab Daginawalla, Mumbai
  • Beautifully made garments with a touch of tradition reinvented with contemporary styles. It’s been a pleasure to wear her garments.

    Manjubhassini Patel
  • Lovely dress, really well made and beautiful organic textiles from traditional cottage industries. Have bought again from this shop and very happy with all purchases, would highly recommend.

    Krishnapriya Patel, London UK
  • Beautiful dress, well made, fast shipping. Would definitely purchase more from from this seller.

    Bethany Adams, Florida US
  • I received it just in time for my birthday week. I wanted to thank you so much for it, it is absolutely lovely and I adore the fabric. Glad that I ordered, it looks so beautiful. Thanks a lot!

    Lakshmi Bharadwaj, California US
  • The fabrics are the real heroes but the styles are something that elevates the fabrics even more. Each collection is an ode to India and Indian women. The simplicity and refinement the clothes bring out, is simply put- Refreshing. This is a true start up success story and this brand truly represents the new Indian mindset. Highly recommended for its story, values, designs and spirit.

    Barsha Saikia, Bangalore
  • One of the few designers who are honest with their work and who give due credit to the local artisans. A designer par excellence and a person committed towards providing a platform to local artisans and hidden art of India along with ensuring that the products are organic and genuine. Highly recommended for those who are looking for organic clothes and who want to contribute towards upliftment of the local artisans and art of India.

    Niyati Jigyasi, Washington DC
  • Thank you so much for the respectful work and celebrating Indian weavers. I didn't expect a job done so well! A hug to you and all the people who work with you.

    Chiara Rizzo, Italy
  • Yesha Sant makes the best (truly) sustainable clothing!

    Himani Sood, Bangalore

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