Organic Loungewear

Once the coronavirus pandemic hit and we began quarantining at home, our thought process behind getting dressed started to shift. Alternating between sweats and pyjamas day after day quickly lost its appeal, and we started to miss the rest of our wardrobe.

In quarantine, the self-expression of clothing has been somewhat lost. For some, they're trying to hold on to their past identity by dressing up. Staying at home and working from home is how 2020 looks like!

It's true there's no place like home, where else can you walk around without pants and not break any rules? A home is the physical embodiment of the people who inhabit it, so it's no wonder that it's such a special place for so many.

With Boxy, Shift & Anti-Fit Silhouettes in 100% pure handwoven organic cotton we are trying to make your home office look chic and comfortable!

Celebrate the feeling of being home with our new Loungewear collection where the silhouettes & design capture that inner peace we all feel at our favourite place.